Assuring Accuracy, Always

State-of-the-art testing laboratories, expert technicians, rigorous procedures and 85 years of testing experience ensure precision results at every port, siding, wharf, industrial unit, mine, site or warehouse. Whether it is mineral, metal, fertilizer, cement or food, Mitra SK delivers accurate instrumental and traditional analysis from laboratories around the world, consistently time-after-time.

Apart from physical and chemical testing, we also offer the following services



  • Minerals
  • Coal and Coke
  • Ferro Alloys


  • Fertilizers
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Concentrates


  • Pesticides Residuals
  • Microbiological
  • Water


  • Mitra SK laboratories follow documented policies, systems, programs, procedures and instructions to assure quality of the test results.
  • The 5S quality program is implemented across all offices, laboratories s and sample preparation units for continuous improvements.
  • Laboratory and Quality Control Heads are given authority and resources to implement, maintain and improve the quality as well as management systems.
  • Departures from the management systems or testing procedures are promptly acted upon and corrective actions taken
  • Mitra SK Laboratories participate in intra-laboratory comparison tests and inter-laboratory comparisons with Proficiency Test Providers such as CSIRO Australia, PT Geoservices, Kumbha Round Robin, Arbie Round Robin and China NIL to keep standards at international levels.

10 Steps to Quality

Consistent accuracy of assay results derives from stringent systems and discipline at every step.

  1. Accurate and representative sampling
  2. Supervision and monitoring of sampling and preparation
  3. Safety training to all staff to minimize human errors
  4. Latest equipment with international standardization
  5. Calibration of laboratory equipment at least once a year
  6. Regular participation in global proficiency testing programs
  7. Internal monthly testing for all laboratories
  8. Certified reference material and standard samples in laboratory.
  9. IT based systems to record fieldwork and share analysis results
  10. R & D studies to improve operational efficiency



MSK maintains constant efforts to improve turnaround time for result reporting. The current benchmark is 48 hours. For laboratories attached to production units, the turnaround time is even lower.


MSK have added value to our business process by effective inspection, strict quality control and timely response. It is a pleasant experience to work with “Team MSK”. We hope the same service level will continue in the future too

– Sirsendu Mukherjee, Head (Conversion & Sales Planning) – FAMD, Tata Steel Limited