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To serve client requirements in ports, mines and remote sites, MSK operates a hub-and-spoke network of well-equipped laboratories and sampling teams across the globe. The local country laboratories provide all standard tests as well as meet specific industry requirements of clients in the area. Advanced chemical, radiological and photometric studies, when required, are undertaken at the Central Testing Laboratory in Kolkata, which acts as the hub. We can therefore flexibly cater to both immediate local needs at mining heads, warehouses and ports, as well as undertake advanced assays and sophisticated chemical, metallurgical or biochemical tests.


Central Lab

Kolkata, India

  • Australia



  • Vietnam

  • UAE

    Ras AI Khaimah

  • Turkey

    Mersin City

  • South Africa

  • Oman

  • Mozombique

  • Morocco

  • India

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  • Gabon

  • China

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  • Bangladesh

  • Central Laboratory
  • Food and Environment Laboratory
  • Outsourced laboratories

The Central Laboratory, Kolkata ranks among the world’s leading testing facilities for an array of commodities such as coal and coke, ores and minerals, metals and alloys, fertilizers, etc. It is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical facilities and accredited to various national and international bodies like ISO/IEC 17025: 2017. It is the only London Metal Exchange (LME) listed sampler and assayer in India.

As a lead laboratory, it works in tandem with our global testing network, and also organizes regular events among analysts to exchange experiences. These include in-house scientific discussions, and presentations, Global proficiency testing, intra- & inter- lab testing programs, and regular training of chemists in spoke labs, Participation in International and national seminars.

Coal & Coke

The Central laboratory has a dedicated Solid Fuel Section for taking care of coal and coke samples. Apart from equipment to analyse natural parameters like proximate, calorific value, ultimate, etc. we also have TGA, Ash fusion, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, Gieseler plastometer, GKLT, etc. For traditional Proximate Analysis, it is equipped with modern Automatic Bomb calorimeters, CHNS analyzer, temperature measurement system, Ion-selective electrode meter and CSR-CRI equipment for accurate results.

Mineral & Alloy

The Mineral & Alloy Section handles the analysis of various ores, minerals, alloys and metals with a special focus on Precious metals and Platinum Group of Metals. Being the only London Metal Exchange (LME) approved testing facility in India, the laboratory has a dedicated fire assaying setup equipped with high-capacity imported furnaces, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. The sample preparation facility equipped with crushers, pulverizers and ball mills for readying raw samples as per the standard procedures. Analysis of high purity metals, alloys and minerals are routinely carried out using spectroscopic as well as classical methods. A dedicated X-ray lab comprising WDXRF and PXRD provides information related to elemental composition as well as the mineralogy. The laboratory is also engaged in analysis of precious metals in e-waste.

Equipped to test and monitor physical, chemical and microbiological parameters for health and safety, the MSK Food and Environment Laboratory ranks among the top three in India. For the food and drinking water industries our expertise lies in controlling quality throughout the process – from raw to semi-manufactured to final products. Environment testing covers water, air and noise pollution for government agencies, NGOs, companies, residential estates, etc. The Central Food and Environment Laboratory is supplemented by local laboratories for routine testing.

As expected, the laboratory employs world class equipment and stringent protocols for reliable reporting. This is reflected in certifications by relevant national authorities

  • Accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2017 along with fulfilment of the requirement of FSSAI, APEDA, TEA BOARD.
  • Certified by DNV-GL as per 45001:2018
  • Recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • Notified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Apart from own laboratories, MSK is called upon to lend expertise for operating, monitoring and managing chemical laboratories for clients. This includes providing experienced chemists and technical inspection team. The service is for quality-conscious companies that need to regularly monitor their input and output material -- and recognize that laboratory services lie outside their core competence.

Such in-house laboratories are most beneficial for testing raw materials, process-intermediates, and products, including by-products and wastes. Clients include steel, thermal power, and cement plants, as well as mines. Such outsourcing arrangements save time while maintaining strict vigil on quality.

The service bouquet includes integration of lab operations with MSK’s proprietary IT platform (MSK-IT)

  • In house lab set-up and operation
  • Lab Accreditation
  • Skilled Manpower (Chemists, Samplers and Supervisors)
  • CAPEX to set up in-house QC Lab
  • Sampling Automation
  • Digitized Results
  • Single Window Customer Support
Scope of work
  • Sampling of raw materials, in-process, finished goods & waste or by products
  • Sample preparation for size, Moisture and Chemical analysis
  • Instrumental and Wet-chem Analysis
  • Data compilation and Statistical presentation
Key Benefits
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Reliable Test Results
  • Cost Reduction
  • Single-window Customer Support
  • Customised Mechanisation
  • Process Automation
  • Lab Process & Procedure Upkeep
  • Experience &Knowledge Sharing
  • Independent Opinion
  • Capex Sourcing & Support

R & D Wing

The Central Laboratory is well supported by an R & D team to tackle challenges associated with analysis of new commodities and parameters. The R & D Wing constantly evolves better methods to generate quality test results that are more accurate, faster, consistent, error-free, and cost-effective. This knowledge acquired is shared with the on-site laboratories as a part of MSK’s continual improvement philosophy.

Local Laboratories

Local laboratories are designed to meet client requirements in its geographical area of coverage. Laboratories in all countries are staffed and managed by experienced chemists and technicians, who receive regular training to stay abreast with the latest testing techniques and equipment. Quality Management Systems and Standard Operating Procedures are followed for all operations and assay processes.

The performance of each laboratory is regularly monitored by internal inter-laboratory and proficiency testing programs, as well as programs organized by external bodies. A corporate quality management team further audits compliance and ensures continual improvement. The emphasis learning and monitoring sustains our reputation for reliability.

Advanced Equipment

The latest is sophisticated international equipment ensures sustained accuracy and enables detailed analysis.


MSK’s certifications are backed by Indian and international recognitions and accreditations


  • Recognition by the Export Inspection Council of India (EIC), Government of India, for Haldia, Kolkata, Sagar Anchorage, Paradip, Dhamra, Gopalpur, Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Redi, Kiranpani, Murmagaon, Okha, Por bandar, New Mangalore, Mundra and Kandla.
  • Recognized by the Council of Power Utility as “Third Party Agency” for quality assessment of coal.
  • Recognized by DG shipping, NABCB,
  • An ISO 9001:2015 Certification Organization including Head Office, Central Lab (Kolkata), Bhubanrswar, Paradip and Haldia.


  • TIC council membership
  • Approved by London Metal Exchange (LME) for sampler and assayer of Non-Ferrous Metals.
  • CNAS Accreditation- ISO/IEC 17025:2017, CMA, AQSIQ, in MSK’s Tianjin Laboratory, China
  • Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) Accreditation of Jakarta and Samarinda Lab, Indonesia
  • SANAS Accreditation of Richards Bay Lab, South Africa
  • AOSC Accreditation of Ho Chi Minh City lab, Vietnam


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