Power Plants face numerous quality challenges, the most prominent of which is coal, which impacts both the selection of new boilers as well as the performance of existing plants and equipments. Tests are required both before and after combustion of coal to optimize output Another critical element of coal combustion is the generation of ash and unburnt carbon). Controlling gas emissions is also statutory.

In the rush to acquire coal from multiple sources at competitive price, the impact of coal quality cannot be ignored. MSK is associated globally with a number of thermal power producers, coal miners, and coal traders for assaying the coal that is being mined, traded, stocked and burnt.

Analytical Services

  • Coal Analysis
  • Moisture
  • Proximate
  • Ultimate
  • Ash analysis
  • Calorific Value
  • HGI

Environment Services:


  • Stack Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Water Testing for different process like Boiler, Cooling Tower etc
  • Sea Water Sampling & Analysis for Coastal Site with Biological effect.
  • Ultimate Analysis of Coal
  • Pond Ash/ Fly Ash Analysis as per HW2016 RULES
  • Vehicle Emission Testing
  • Hazardous Waste Audit
  • LDO Analysis
  • ETP/STP Operation and Maintenance with site lab
  • Point Source Study for Emission of Stack
  • Water Balance Audit