Oil & Gas is a core sector industry which additionally needs to undertake quality safeguards due to its environmental impact, as per CPCB guidelines.  Apart from analytical services for Standard Emissions and leaks, Mitra SK also offers a variety of value-added services to improve plant efficiency.

  • Standards Tests 
  • Value-Added Services                   
  • Environment Services

Standards Tests

We offer Standard Emission Tests from

  • Furnaces, boilers & Power plant - SOx, NOx, PM,CO, H2S gas, S, Ni+V
  • FCC Generators - SOx, NOx, PM, CO, Ni+V,Opacity
  • SRU - S recovery%, H2S, NOx, CO
  • Storage of volatile liquids - TVP
  • From loading of volatile products- Gasoline, Naptha, B,T,X

Mitra SK is also equipped for Standard Equipment leaks from pumps, valves, compressor, flanges, process drains, heat exchangers, etc.

Value-Added Services

  • VOC & Hydrocarbon Monitoring
  • LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) by VOC
  • Operation & maintenance of real time analyzer (effluent, stack and ambient air)
  • Processing of data for validation and interpretation.
  • Characterisation of emission and selection of pollution control device.
  • Performance Study of treatment plant.
  • Exploration of scope to implement cleaner production
  • Hydraulic / Lube Oil efficiency measurement to optimise the usage.
  • Traffic density - Light motor counting, Heavy motor counting