Mitra S K Inspection and Testing (Tianjin) Company Limited has opened a laboratory in Guangzhou, a major province in south China which is also a hub for imported Thermal Coal. This new lab is set up in order to focus on the major coal customers in the region.

MSK counts amongst its customers such major coal buyers in that area like Guangdong Power, Chaozhou City Yatai Energy Company, ITG Xiamen and C&D Xiamen. Over a period of time MSK has become a trusted inspection agency at the load ports in Indonesia for coal buyers. MSK have been providing accurate results and transmitting information to the clients on loading, stacking and weighing observations made during the execution of the work at vessel in Indonesia and South Africa. The observations are given almost live, so that the customers are able to take corrective actions from time to time.

In order to provide similar services at discharge port MSK built this modern fully instrumental Coal Lab. This 5500 sq ft area lab is located about 10 minutes from the port and the proximity makes MSK an ideal choice for importers to get their cargo monitored, supervised and tested. The lab will also adhere to a turn around time of 72 hours for test results after vessel sampling. The laboratory is equipped with ultra-modern equipment and machinery for gross sample preparation till pulverization, proximate analysis, gross and net calorific values of coal, carbon hydrogen nitrogen sulphur analysis. Also full ash analysis, hard groove grindability index, ash fusion temperature etc can also be tested in the new lab. This lab has been commissioned in January 2013 and now ready for commercial analysis.