Mitra S.K. (MSK) is a pioneer in testing of minerals since 1938. MSK at its inception started with testing of Iron Ore and then gradually moved onto Manganese ores, Chrome Ores, Coal, etc. and today sampling and testing are done for about 300 different minerals, ores and processed minerals like pellets, DRI etc. In the company’s Central Laboratory in Kolkata there is usage of both conventional wet chemical methods and also the latest instrumental methods.

Instruments such as the XRF, ICP, AAS, Calorie Meter, Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen-Sulphur meter, Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer which detect composition of minerals from high percentages to ppb levels, are installed in the Central Laboratory and other nodal laboratories around the world. Physical parameters like HGI, TML, FMP, Shatter Index, Drum Index, Decrepitation, CSR-CRI Index etc. can also be checked in the laboratories. The company commits to a general Turn Around Time of 48 hrs for Mineral testing (72 hours for coal). One of the main reasons this is possible is MSK’s wide network of laboratories. Though these laboratories are geographically spread out, they abide by the company’s core philosophy of Consistent and Accurate results, always.

To achieve this goal, MSK has reinvented itself and created a culture encircled by Consistency, Knowledge and Responsiveness. To MSK this culture is about