The fruits of a Digital Transformation

MSK’s ongoing movement towards digital transformation has now created alternatives to manual sampling. Mechanical sampling is not offered to all clients with a large number of benefits that would bring ease to operations. Innovations are not only made to provide ease and efficiency to the clients, they are also customised according to the client’s specific needs. Needless to say, these updated methods have in-built and inherent improvements that would give further advantages to diverse businesses that use them in a variety of industries.

What Digital Transformation means to the client

The three main differentiators are Quality, Safety, and Business Continuity. Each of these brings advantages to the client. When bunched together, they open up a whole new way of operating that is progressive in the best principles of the 21st century.

Quality with no compromise

Innovations are supposed to improve upon earlier methods and machinery. With MSK’s mechanical possibilities, clients do not have to roll back on any of the quality parameters they have maintained for themselves while building up their businesses.

Safety – more than ever before

With mechanical sampling workers are protected from all the hazards that manual sampling used to put them through earlier. Dirt, discomfort, risk, and exertion are all done away with the introduction of mechanical sampling.

Business Continuity – though good and bad times

External factors, ongoing or emergency, need not impact upon business processes any more as mechanical sampling less manpower, safety measures, and other logistical care. Especially during times of business stress, harsh conditions, or adverse circumstances, mechanical sampling ensures that businesses run just as before, and perhaps even more smoothly, and with lesser effort.

With and for our clients, always

We provide the essential services to back up the products and processes of Mechanical Sampling so that our clients have hassle-free operations at all times.

We provide Maintenance for all mechanical sampling and related equipment. Towards this end we have Annual Maintenance Plans that would work to the client’s advantage.

Our experienced team of experts provide Equipment Evaluation including Analysis, Capability, Maintenance Requirements, Retro-fitting, and Customised Applications. Tailor-made AMC contracts can be drawn up with us for trouble-free operations round the year.


A range of products are already available and are being added to constantly to provide complete sampling solutions.

For Sampling:

  • Mechanical Auger Sampler
  • Cross-belt sampler
  • Falling Stream Samper
  • Rotary Sampler
  • Heap Sampler

For Preparation:

  • Jaw Crusher
  • Roller Crusher

For Material Handling:

  • Bucket Elevator
  • Conveyor

For Testing:

  • Sieve Analyser
  • Auto Drop-Shatter Tester