Marine Department’s license permitting MSK Brazil for officially carrying out total moisture and TML

As per new IMO regulation, effective from 01st January, 2015 only laboratories having the License from the Brazilian Marine Department will be authorized to execute the Total Moisture and Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) Tests on Brazilian Iron Ore export cargoes.

With respect to this new regulation, a Marine Department Audit took place inside MSK Itaguai laboratory on 3rd December, 2014 where 2 Marine officials, CMG (RM1-T) Arthur Macedo Santa Rita and 1° Ten (T) Adriana Pina Silveira Santos Gomes, visited MSK Itaguai laboratory for executing the following procedure audit –

  1. Process for the determination of Moisture for Iron Ore fines, pellets and lumps
  2. Verification of calibration status of the equipment’s used for Moisture Test in the laboratory
  3. Process of Sampling of Iron Ores
  4. Process of monitoring the results of the Moisture Test
  5. Process for the determination of TML as per 2 methods – Proctor/Fagerberg and Modified Proctor/Fagerberg
  6. Simulation of the process for the determination of TML
  7. Verification of the training mechanism of employees responsible for the execution of the TML test
  8. Verification of the reports generated by the system with reference to the Moisture Test and employee related training and equipment calibration