HR Analytics: Everything you need to know

HR analytics is a process of collecting data for smooth functioning of the workforce. Mitrask has always been a forerunner in the field of resource management and HR. Our experts have prepared a list of core analytics to ensure easy processing of the HR data.

Ability analytics

Ability analytics is a talent management process that allows the HR experts to explore skills and abilities of the workforce. Skills here are not limited to academic or professional qualifications but social skills like emotional intelligence are included too.

Capability analytics

The success of your business depends on the level of expertise and skill of your workforce. Capability analytics is a talent management process that allows you to identify the capabilities or core competencies you want and/or need in your business. Once you know what those capabilities are you can compare them to the capabilities you have in place at the moment to see if you have any voids.

Proficiency acquisition analytics-

Skills play a great role in the hiring process. The skilled workforce is the biggest asset for an organisation. Proficiency acquisition is the procedure of scrutinizing the competencies the organisation needs to strive in the market competition. It is a process of discovering the skills needed in contemporary as well as the coming era by your business to stay strong in the market.

HR experts can fill the required skills by hiring talented individuals as per the need of the hour.

Capacity analytics

Capacity of the workers to perform impacts the balance sheet. Capacity analytics helps to understand their efficiency at also helps to explore how efficiency they need to grow in order to be more productive at the office.

Workforce churn analytics

Hiring, training and then merging workers into the desired roles costs a lot of energy, time, and money. Workforce churn analytics is the process of assessing the workforce turnover prices. It helps to understand the future of the present workers and diminishes the workforce churns.

Corporate culture analytics

Culture in corporate houses has a number of meanings. However, it can be summarised as the written and unwritten rules, customs, systems, and designs of behaviour incorporated in your business.

There can be multiple cultures across your organisation. Corporate culture analytics helps to identify the desired cultural traits in the organization and also helps in weeding out the toxic traditions from the office culture.

Hiring channel analytics

Hiring channel analytics is the process of analysing the channels from where your best employees come and weeding out the rest of the channels. 

Leadership analytics

Poor leadership, not only costs energy, money, but prevents a business from reaching its optimum potential. Leadership analytics reveals the various layers of leadership performance via data to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly. To gain genuine data about leadership performance, anonymous surveys, and confidential employee interviews can be helpful.

Workforce performance analytics

Every business requires high-performance to survive the competition. Workforce performance analytics helps you to identify what is lacking in your team. 

That way you can check if training or workshops are needed to optimize the performance rate.