Hotels & Restaurants require quality testing for all food as well as analysis of water at for applications ranging from drinking to swimming, cooling, laundry, etc. Air quality monitoring is also desirable.

Food Services:

  • Drinking water analysis as per IS:10500-2012 (RO water, Kitchen water etc.)
  • Sewage Treatment plant (inlet & Outlet) analysis.
  • Swimming pool water analysis as per IS:3328.
  • Analysis of water from different source eg. Cooling tower, Laundry water etc.
  • Legionella analysis of different source water.
  • Testing of Cooked Food.
  • Testing of Raw materials.
  • Hand or instrument swab.
  • Testing of Ice samples.
  • Analysis of Indoor air quality.

Environment Monitoring


  • Effluent water analysis
  • Stack emission monitoring for boiler & DG
  • Ambient air monitoring as per CPCB Guidelines
  • ETP & STP Maintenance & operations
  • Noise monitoring
  • Work zone monitoring
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Air ventilation survey
  • Illumination monitoring