Hospitals not only need to sustain the highest hygiene standards for all food and water served to patients and staff but also maintain strict vigil over medical uses such as dialysis water. Mitra SK’s extensive experience in the field makes us a reliable partner in ensuring the highest levels of safety. 

Patient Services:

  • Drinking water analysis as per IS:10500-2012.
  • Dialysis Water analysis as per AAMI Standard.
  • Test of Endotoxin in Dialysis water.
  • Analysis of canteen food (Organoleptic, Chemical, Pesticides, Toxins, Heavy metals, Food additives, Food preservatives, Bacteriological).

Environment Monitoring


  • Effluent water analysis
  • Stack emission monitoring for boiler & DG
  • Ambient air monitoring as per CPCB Guidelines
  • ETP & STP Maintenance & operations
  • Noise monitoring
  • Work zone monitoring
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Air ventilation survey
  • Illumination monitoring