The food processing industry needs to subscribe to statutory norms related to food and water safety, apart from industrial and environmental standards. MSK’s all round expertise makes us a reliable ally for the full range of quality tests.

Food & Water

  • Processed & Raw water analysis as per IS:10500-2012.
  • Packaged drinking water analysis as per IS:14543-2014 for BIS licensing.
  • Raw material & Finished good testing as per FSSAI (Organoleptic, Chemical, Pesticides, Toxins, Heavy metals, Food additives, Food preservatives, Antibiotics, Bacteriological).
  • Swab test for Human and instruments.
  • Nutritional value evaluation for package labelling.
  • Analysis of Indoor air quality (Bacterial load).
  • Shelf life analysis.
  • Migration test.
  • Portability test.

Environment Monitoring


  • Effluent water analysis
  • Stack emission monitoring for boiler & DG
  • Ambient air monitoring as per CPCB Guidelines
  • ETP & STP Maintenance & operations
  • Noise monitoring
  • Work zone monitoring
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Air ventilation survey
  • Illumination monitoring