Food, water and agricultural produce need to undergo additional quality safeguards due to health considerations. Pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological tests need to be performed both at the manufacturing level such as food processing and bottling, as well as the consumption level such as in restaurants, hotels and even hospitals

Pesticides Residuals

Residual pesticide is one of the important factors to prove that food or water is safe for consumption. It is a mandatory requirement of PFA, FSSAI & BIS in India.

MSK has the state of the art equipment and technology for analysis of all pesticides in ppb to sub ppb levels as per the BIS and FSSAI norms for packaged drinking water, packaged natural mineral water and potable water.


Modern microbiology touches many fields ranging from pharmaceutical and biotechnology to food and dairy product production, and water-borne diseases.

MSK's Biological Division specializes in microbiological and toxicological analysis of food, water and pharmaceutical products, as per directives given by IS, APHA, FDA, IP, PFA and several in-house methods. Private analysis along with independent Research and Development work are also done here for water, food and air microbiology