FMG (Fortescue Metals Group) ranks third as the iron ore miners in Australia. FMG has recently launched its official expanded integrated Operations Centre (IOC) on 30th June 2020 which is truly great news for the industry as the expanded IOC has been such designed to make use of the most updated technologies that can help in bringing
together with the company’s own as well as an integrated supply chain. The basic target of Fortescue Hive is to create seamless links for the core exploration, metallurgical, mining, and marketing sectors of the company so that the valued customers, shareholders and the broader community can be served with efficiency. Fortescue Hive is also aiming to nurture and encourage the future benefits of technology, i.e. making the most out of the booming artificial technological inventions and robotics. The said technological upgrades are sure to include the generation as well as the integrated distribution of network for the Pilbara Energy Connect. The entire effort made by FMG is going to enable their 300+team members to work exclusively for the said purpose in true coordination and collaboration round the clock and calendar. It is undoubtedly a matter of pride that FMG IOC features 162 workstations along with 996
computer terminals connected by 64 kilometers of underfloor cables.