Silico manganese (FeMn) is another type of Ferroalloy with high contents of manganese is made by heating a mixture of the Manganese Ore with Sillicon in a furnace. Silico-manganese adds additional silicon which is a stronger deoxidizer and which also helps to improve some mechanical properties of steel. In each family carbon is controlled and is lowered when producing refined grades. Nitrogen, Boron, Titanium, Phosphorus are elements which can be controlled depending on requested specification

The standard grade Silico manganese contains 60-65% of manganese, 14-17% Silicon and less than 2.5% of carbon.

The primary constituents analysed are Mn, Si, C, P and S. Like Ferro Manganese, the trace Elements like Ti, B are required to be checked on demand.

MSK has the capability to carry out tests of primary constituents at many in India and abroad. The Central laboratory at Kolkata has the capability to carry out trace elements to high accuracy level by ICP-OES technology.