Ferrochrome is manufactured by conducting carbothermic reduction of iron magnesium chromium oxide under high temperatures. Iron-chromium alloy is produced by the reduction of Chromium Ore by the application of coal and coke. This reduction process requires heat which comes from the electric arc of the furnace. It generally contains 50-70% of Chromium by weight. Ferro Chrome is generally classified by the content of Chrome and Carbon in it. There are High Carbon Ferro Chrome, Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, Charge chrome, various kinds of FeCr are produced and used in Steel Making.

Ferro Chrome is mainly used for making Stainless Steel of various grades. The

chromium content present in stainless steel provides resistance to corrosion as well as gives stainless steel its customary appearance Apart from making stainless steel, low carbon ferrochrome is also used in the manufacturing of acid-resistant steels.

The primary constituents analysed are Cr, Fe, C, P and S. There are some trace Elements that are required to be checked on demand. MSK has the capability to carry out tests of primary constituents at many in India and abroad. The Central laboratory at Kolkata has the capability to carry out trace elements to high accuracy level by ICP-OES technology.