Continuing efficient business with added safety and ease – with MSK’s Digital Certification processes

An Unprecedented Present

While the world is coping with change in the immediate as well as the work environment, MSK has been busy with implementing and instituting measures that would facilitate business at this challenging time.

We know that businesses never really stop. They may take a pause, or reassess, or even test new ways of easing its processes for offering more advantages to their clients or customers.

The unprecedented pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus calls for stringent safety measures and innovations if commercial organisations are to move forward with sustainable business practices.

From MSK’s side, business would be facilitated by our implementation of Digital Certifications which are just as valid, official, and honoured internationally as what we have always been providing earlier. The issuance of e-Certificates incorporating our completely authenticated and tamper-proof Digital Signature would help our clients across the entire line-up of services we offer.

How we are making this transition happen

In the pursuance of our policy of digitisation, MSK is converting its hardcopy certification process into E-Certificates with a Digital Signature.

Clients can be assured of the same level of service and the exact following of stringent measures that they have been always used to from MSK. We would like to explain further precisely what this entails.

What is Digital Signature Certification?

·      A Digital Signature certificate is an electronic document that comprises:

(i)             the digital signature of the issuing authority, and

(ii)            detailed information about the business entity to whom it is issued.

·      It serves as an identity of a business entity for various online transactions and digital documentation purposes.
·      A business entity must use the Digital Signature Certificate while making any online transaction or signing digital documents.
·      The Digital Signature Certificate contains the information in encrypted form which can be decoded only by using the authorized keys.
·      The authentication of the Digital Signatory, the Certifying Authority, the Signature Class and Validity can easily be checked by the receiver from this E-Certificate for ready reference.

An Enumeration of the Benefits of E-Certification

1. Global Acceptance with Legal compliance: Financial houses and Business organizations

Commercial organisations, banks and financial institutions in any part of the world would accept e-Certificates thereby freeing businesses from furnishing hard copies of certificates forever. This would make processes faster, more secure, and reduce costs and worries.

2. The digitally signed e-Certificate by MSK can be treated as Original complying to UCP 600


The e-Certificate is an ‘original’ which obviates cross-checking and back-referencing. Immediate validation and assurance from one organisation to another would be possible now.

3. Demonstrates high authenticity standards


Just like our earlier certificates, this new e-Certificate would be proof of authenticity and of the standards outlined therein.

4. Delivers state of the art security for the documentation


Security is heightened because of the use of the most up-to-date modern technology that is understood and respected worldwide.

5. Long term retention and access


E-Certificates can be held for long as they are in digital form and have no fear of damage or destruction. Moreover, they can be accessed easily and sent to concerned parties via the internet and secure online communication.

6. Eliminates all the problems of space and time, allowing rapid communication with the external environment (customers / suppliers / public institutions)


Processes would be faster because the e-Certificates can be sent online and they don’t have to be stored physically by anyone. The concerned party can be sent the authenticating certificate without any logistical concerns.

7. Ease of use


Access and transfer of the e-Certificate would involve only the effort of using a computer or digital communication device. The only requirement is the ability to use electronic communication.

8. Eliminate physical transportation and fear of loss of documents


E-Certificates end the inconvenience of physically carrying, accessing, sending or sharing important documents. Therefore, there is no fear of losing important documents either.

9. Quick turnaround time to get the outcome of inspection & analysis transactions


With all the ease and speed that e-Certificates bring in, the wait time for getting the results of inspections and analysis is greatly reduced. Clients can benefit from this quick turnaround time enormously.

10. Eco-Friendly process


Digital Certificates bring another plus with them: Apart from the above advantages, they are environment-friendly as there is no paper, no printing, no expenditure of fuel and no courier charges.

Advantages that gear up enterprises for the future

Digitalisation is the way forward and the work of digitalising our processes wherever possible had been ongoing at MSK for some time now. The new requirements imposed upon the working climate because of the pandemic has accelerated our efforts and catalysed us to bring to our clients the fastest and easiest option as far as the critical need of certification is concerned.

In other words, the future is upon us earlier than anyone had anticipated. We are happy that we could make this transformation possible to meet the emerging realities of the current time.