Copper Industry Price Surge- MSK ready for surge in demand for Testing and Inspection services

The global Copper industry is characterized by low prices and declining demand growth rates while production increase is observed, following the global pandemic crisis. After showing a sharp surge in the copper metal value, prices are likely to stabilize in the coming quarter which may boost up the supply chain. Last week, the three months copper price in LME gained 1.2 % to trade at around 6,088 a ton. Market analysts are also predicting that the metal may be overvalued during the third quarter of the year. Though the world copper market is expected to rebound the oversupply will continue and pressure on the prices will persist. In this scenario, MSK is geared up to render its inspection and testing services to the entire community for copper ore/concentrates /cathodes using its highly advanced infrastructural facilities, the skilled and competent team engaged in a different locations along with relevant required knowledge.