A look at MSK’s Global Network of Laboratories to service every segment

MitraSK (MSK) is a globally recognized independent testing and inspection agency with laboratories across the world accredited by international certification bodies.

With testing and analysis experience and knowledge accrued over 8 decades of relentless pursuit of excellence, MSK quality certificates enjoy worldwide acceptance and recognition based on trust and confidence of our customers.

In Pursuit of Technical Knowledge

Whether it’s minerals, metals and alloys, fertilizers, agri products, food or the environment, MSK has the ability to deliver both instrumental and traditional analysis with accuracy.

MSK’s world-class testing laboratories, trained technicians, strict and rigorous procedures for sample collection ensures precision of results at every port, siding, wharf, industrial unit, mines, etc.

We are committed to remain invested in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence and to cultivate the culture of Learning and Development. Learning is not just limited to what we do, but also other things that make the personality more rounded

What does Knowledge mean in MSK:

  • Technical knowledge in Chemistry and Instruments used for accurateanalysis
  • Applied R&D to develop more accurate methods of testing which is cost effective, quicker andsafer
  • Commercial knowledge and Business processes involved in variousindustries

How is Knowledge gained at MSK?

  • Grooming of Technically qualifiedpeople
  • Regular participation in Workshops, Trade Fair, Conferences, Business Meets etc.
  • Applied R&Dblog
  • Experimenting and adopting new techniques using newequipment

MSK’s Laboratories bear International Accreditations

MSK Central Lab in Kolkata undertakes advanced chemical, radiological and photometric studies with sophisticated equipment. All MSK global labs are linked to this Central Lab. MSK offers various laboratory outsourcing services in various mining, metallurgical, cement, power plants and other industries. Outsourcing of in-house laboratory is a model of modern times in order to achieve excellence in quality apart from various value-added services.

Globally, all MSK’s laboratories are recognized by accreditation bodies. MSK’s Central Lab in Kolkata is approved by the London Metals Exchange (LME).

A number of MSK’s Laboratories Accredited for ISO/IEC 17025:2005. MSK Brazil Laboratory is recognized by Brazilian Navy for TML test. MSK’s Indonesia Laboratory Accredited by KAN. MSK’s South Africa Laboratory Accredited by SANAS. MSK China Laboratory is CNAS Accredited. Mitra PTS, Australia, ishaving NATA accreditation for Coal testinglaboratories. All MSK’s laboratories also recognized by WBPCB and FSSAI.